I am Nina, a Comparative Literature PhD researcher in Ireland. I live with my husband, a cat and a dog in a tiny suburban house with a garden, and an allotment a few kilometres away. We love cooking, gardening, crafts, stories, games, and prancing around in Medieval garb, also known as the Society for Creative Anachronism. We recently rejoined after several years away. We have a lovely household, House of Green, and we are distributed across the Shires of Dun in Mara and Eplaheimr in Lough Devnaree, Insulae Draconis, Drachenwald.

My persona, Agnes La Verte, known as Nessa among friends, is a late 13th-century adventuress, born in the eastern wildernesses of the far Aarnimetsä, and travelled through Europe with her husband Aodh, spending a considerable time in what we now know as France, before settling in in Dun in Mara. Nessa cooks, sews and studies, and aspires to weave and to work on leather. Lately she has had some disturbing thoughts about wielding a blade while wearing armour.

Nina attempts to find time to do everything and to keep track of it all.

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