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Of Undead, and of the Arts of the Living

Pesky mundane life. I have been up to my eyes in work and have had to neglect the Medieval side of things. I did, however, manage to finish my early Period garb for the event this weekend. Here I am, in a bad iPhone picture. All the fabrics are from IKEA, so they do come from a viking marketplace of sorts.¬†ImageIn the meantime I also managed to find some real verjuice, in Fallon & Byrne’s food hall in Dublin city centre. ¬†Naturally it’s nothing like what I tried to recreate in the last post, without really knowing what I was doing. It is exquisite: made from cold pressed grapes and tastes like summer rain. I like to call it ‘extra virgin wine’.

This weekend was Medieval Dead 2, a seasonal event organised by the Shire of Eplaheimr in central Ireland. It was my first event since returning to play and I enjoyed it immensely. Our entire household was present, much fun was had and we even excelled at various arts, Tuathal winning the archery competition, Cassandra and one of the little ladies getting prizes for their A&S projects and yours truly winning the ‘scary’ category of the bardic performances. Dressed as a valkyrie, I recited a prophecy of the valkyries from Njal’s Saga concerning the Battle of Clontarf and the death of Brian Boru. I am thinking that I may need to look more closely into the whole area of storytelling and reciting.

I helped in the kitchen in general, but I also got to do my first stint of event cooking. It was given unto me to provide the hangover breakfast on Sunday morning. This was made more interesting still by the fact that my own consumption of wine at the feast the previous night had been liberal. Nonetheless, if a word is given, it will be kept, so I was in the kitchen bright and early, knocking back apple juice and coffee, with Aodh as my kitchen boy. I mixed together a veritable vat of pancake batter for paper-thin crepes and served them forth with lemon wedges, sugar and mashed spiced apples that were a leftover from a mulled apple juice of the previous day. Viscountess Susannah made a delicious honey butter, which tasted amazing on the crepes, together with the apple. We also served leftover bread and bacon sliced from large chunks, boiled for an hour the previous day and baked in the morning with a glaze of honey, cinnamon and ground cloves. Other leftovers were gingerbread men and a selection of cakes and biscuits. It was remarkably satisfying to step into the great hall and be received with an applause, albeit not a huge number of people had made it to the breakfast.

Another event is coming up in the Shire of Glen Rathlin in a couple of weeks time. I may have offered to provide a subtlety. This may have been unwise.